Piano Lessons

Our Approach

We believe that having the right teacher makes all the difference in the world! Our team of highly qualified teachers are here to help provide a lifetime of joy in your musical adventure, whether to develop a honed craft, or just for fun.

Meet Our Teachers

Makenna Wallace

Piano Instructor

Phone: 209-404-3376 Email: blondie.wallace@att.net Makenna specializes in beginners, both young and old. • 209-404-3376

Marian Schwartz

Piano Instructor

10 years at barkers music

Tisha DeHaven

Piano Instructor

Phone: 209-404-3553 Email: tishadehaven@gmail.com With over 20 years of experience, Tisha DeHaven teaches piano to students of all ages, and welcomes homeschool students. She is a member of the California Music Teacher’s Association, and received her Bachelor of Music from…

Susan Wong

Piano Instructor

Phone: 209-480-7187 Email: ksddjw@sbcglobal.net Susan teaches students from young to adult. • 209-480-7187

Jenna Labadie

Piano Instructor

Phone: 209-531-6726 Jenna Labadie is a great teacher, and an inspiration to her students. She has a degree in piano, and teaches students from beginner to advanced. • 209-531-6726

Rachael Simpson

Piano Instructor

Phone: 209-202-4023 Rachael Simpson has a Bachelor of Arts in Music, with a degree in Music Performance at California State University, Sacramento. She has been teaching for over six years, and takes pride teaching in her studio at Barker’s Music.…