Barker’s Music:

Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Vocal, drums

Barker's Music has a combined staff of 12 music teachers specializing in guitar, piano, bass, keyboard, harmonica, vocal and drums.   Many teachers have been with Barker's Music over 18 years.  Because of their experience and level of education, our teachers have a phenomenal success rate.  We recommend you interview with teachers that teach your instrument and find a teacher you are comfortable with. Tuitions range from $25.00 to $27.00 for a weekly lesson. Most lessons are private one on one but we do have group piano lessons.

Barker's Music is associated with the Stanislaus County Music Teachers Association and many other teaching organizations. Barker's can put you in touch with a private teacher in your area.  See LINKS for additional teachers or different instruments.

Look in these categories for the teacher that fits your needs.  HOME SCHOOL STUDENTS WELCOME.  OUR TEACHERS HAVE

Most lessons are 1/2 hour weekly and the studios are open Monday through Saturday 8a.m. to 9 p.m.